Products / Services

Products / Services

Plastic injection molds

We design the mold based on the 3D model or drawings of your product and according to your specifications. We can assist you with all stages - from the development of the product to serial production. We also produce sample / test series as well as larger series of products on our tools.

Plastic injection molds Plastic injection molds Plastic injection molds

Aluminium die cast molds

We produce molds for aluminium die-casting and cast trimming tools.

Alluminium die cast molds Alluminium die cast molds

Mehanical treatment and assembly

We offer prototype and small to medium serial production of various parts on all our machines, as well as assembly of precision mechanical assemblies. We are a tier 1 and tier 2 supplier for companies in the defense sector - our products include structural parts of aluminum and various mechanical subassemblies. This includes also the required surface treatment of the parts (anodizing, chromating, nitrocarburizing, manganese phosphating, nickel plating etc.) and painting.

Mehanical treatment and assembly Mehanical treatment and assembly

Other tools

We also produce various other tools, such as wax injection tools for titanium investment casting, cross wedge rolling tools and others.


Wax injection tool for titanium investment casting Wax injection tool for titanium investment casting Cross wedge rolling tool